Turn inward and discover the gold that’s within.



Our Founder

We produce workshops, courses, gatherings, practices, community and a podcast to inspire, guide and provoke questions for the journey. Weaving together yoga, meditation, somatics, embodied movement and psychology, we aim to help you feel like the best version of yourself. Authentic. Radiant. Real.

You’re welcome here exactly as you are. We celebrate humans in an abundance of form - all body types, skin colours, gender identities, sexualities and abilities. Our offerings have been designed to make you feel confident in the skin you’re in.

We work with experts and inspiring individuals to offer traditional and contemporary practices that invite you into your deepest sense of self. For some people, this isn’t easy - whether it be due to anxiety, trauma, stress or a myriad of other reasons. We draw inspiration from inclusive, trauma-informed and mental health aware frameworks, and are committed to holistic practices that celebrate each person’s unique intuition and choice on what’s best for them.

We’re inspired by big questions: How can we access our wisest selves and bring it to our busy modern lives? How can we genuinely support ourselves with self care in an epidemic of stress and burnout? How do we connect with one another across our differences? How can we live with passionate purpose?

This space is for anybody looking to discover tools, inspiration and a community centred around connected, calm and conscious living.


A vision: for a heartfelt and purpose-driven business

Kayla Robertson spent years living with crippling anxiety before she saw a psychologist and learnt practical tools to reduce stress and listen to the signals from my body. But she left with a burning question: why aren’t these tools taught to everyone? And why did she have to hit rock bottom to discover them?

With a passion for whole self health, she began to speak about her experiences and discovered two things: First, that people are yearning for information to understand the mystery and depth of their inner lives. And secondly, they want to change the way they live.

She launched Inward to offer holistic practices that empower people to thrive from the inside out. It’s a generative space that celebrates the beautiful and bumpy ride that comes with the human experience.