About Us

At AKIN, we’re dedicated to empowering women in all their diversities to understand, appreciate and connect with themselves and their body.

We believe that health and wellness come in many shapes and sizes, and that representation and inclusion matters.

Good health is so much more than the prevention of illness but thriving in every layer of our lives and being - from our flow to fertility, from our sexual energy to our actions in society.

Weaving evidence-based education with holistic practice, our team of specialists offer practical guidance to nurture bodies from the inside out.

We deliver courses, classes, circles and conversations to inspire informed choices across a dynamic spectrum of whole person health.

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Our aim always is to offer a tender space for information, intersectionality and intuition to coexist.

Our mission is to offer anybody who identifies as a woman a space to retreat to learn the latest health information, practices and techniques to care for themselves and each other.

AKIN is founded by Kayla Robertson. You can read more about Kayla’s story here.

Our Philosophy

Bodies are beautiful, bumpy and - at times - quite surprising. Too many of us go through life without ever really understanding what’s going on in our minds and hearts to know how we can best support ourselves. 

Our philosophy is built around education that uplifts us, and we prescribe to the mantra ‘your body, your choice’. Our goal is to provide judgement-free offerings that inspire informed choices across the layers of whole self health.

You will never be met with judgement, dogma or a one-size-fits-all approach, but we will direct you to a variety of evidence-based practices and support so that you can find what suits you best.

Our Values

  • Purposeful - our mission is at the core of what we do

  • Informed - evidence-based education

  • Progressive - a modern approach for modern lives

  • Pro choice - celebrating your intuition and individual choices for your body

  • Authentic - real people, real stories, real life in all its colours

  • Judgement free - respectful support, always.