My name is Kayla Robertson and I'm the host of the All Being Well podcast.

And before you ask - nope, it's not easy hearing the sound of your voice on a podcast! But (thankfully) it is getting easier. 

You see, I'm trying to show up as my real self on the podcast - vulnerable, honest, daring - as I work to increase my personal wellbeing. The kind of wellbeing that doesn't focus on how I look and sound but how I feel. Where I enjoy feelings of contentment and radical self-acceptance while acknowledging that I'm imperfect (but trying my very best)!

  Photo by Max Greenstein

Photo by Max Greenstein


For many years I struggled with depression and severe anxiety, and if you asked me how I felt back then I would have said "numb". Or perhaps "shame". Or "nervous self-loathing".

Today that's not the case. In general, I'm happy. I laugh a lot. Most days I feel well.

One thing I've learnt on my journey to recovery is that we can take steps every day to increase our wellbeing. This can include mindfulness, good food, meditation, natural health care, prioritising our values and connecting with the natural world. These are my personal pillars of wellness, and you'll have your own that are as unique as you are.

However I know that there are further steps I can take to increase the number of days I feel well - and I'd like to invite you to join me.

As I interview my wellbeing heroes and ask them intimate questions about their habits and personal lives, I'll be trialling and testing their wellbeing advice as I go. My promise to you is to keep showing up honestly as myself as we go.

If you're looking to deepen your own wellbeing practice, follow along. It’ll be a wild and wonderful ride. 

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All Being Well offers tools for people to live with mindfulness, heartfulness and meaning.

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It illuminates the lifestyles, habits and wisdom of leaders in the wellbeing industries, covering yoga, mindfulness, natural health, ethical living, community building and everything in-between. 

Here, you will discover a 360 degree approach to wellness that incorporates your physical, mental, spiritual and environmental health. We share an expanded and holistic view of wellbeing that includes often-excluded perspectives on community, equality and activism in wellness.

It’s a resource for compassionate and curious people wanting to be happier, healthier and in harmony with earth.

Join us and discover a companion for your personal well-being journey today.