My name is Kayla Robertson and I'm the host of All Being Well.

I created this podcast to offer people like you the wellness practices that have allowed me to heal. For many years I struggled with depression and severe anxiety, and if you asked me how I felt back then I would have said "numb". Or perhaps "shame". Or "nervous self-loathing".

Today that's not the case. I'm happy. I laugh a lot. Most days I feel “well”. I’ll be eternally grateful for the self-care practices and the teachers who have allowed me to reach this point and thrive.

Image by Max Greenstein

Image by Max Greenstein


But I know that I’m not alone in my search for wellness.

Collectively we share feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Thoughts of “is this really it” and “should I be doing more” or “am I enough”.

The global wellness industry is growing like never before, and is estimated to be worth $4.2 trillion dollar market - roughly three times the size of the global pharmaceutical market. The good news is that we’re looking to natural solutions to heal our bodies, hearts and minds. However - with products like activated charcoal and crystal-infused drink bottles fly off the shelves - it’s difficult to navigate myth from medicine in this exploding market.

I’m determined to research the tried and tested practices that can support our wellbeing - tangibly, realistically, sustainably - that allow us to flourish as human beings.

In 2019, season two of All Being Well will be dedicated to offering guided wellness practices so that you can dive head-first into the world of lasting wellbeing.

Each month, we’ll focus on a unique area of wellness - such as living yoga beyond the mat, practicing meditation and navigating mindfulness - so that we can introduce these practices into our daily life. We’ll cover ancient wisdom, modern knowledge and current trends with leaders in the wellbeing industry, who will guide us through their own cherished practices. And - most importantly - we’ll navigate fact from fiction so that together we can thrive.

This space is my invitation for you to join me and the community behind All Being Well.

I hope to see you there.

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About the podcast

All Being Well offers tools for you to live with mindfulness & meaning.

Cover art designed by    Betsy & Francis

Cover art designed by Betsy & Francis


It illuminates the lifestyles, habits and wisdom of leaders in the wellbeing industries, covering yoga, mindfulness, natural health, ethical living, community building and everything in-between. 

Here, you will discover a 360 degree approach to wellness that incorporates your physical, mental, spiritual and environmental health. We share an expanded and holistic view of wellbeing that includes often-excluded perspectives on community, equality and activism in wellness.

It’s a resource for compassionate and curious people wanting to be happier, healthier and in harmony with earth.

Join us and discover a companion for your personal wellbeing journey today.