A People's Movement for Humanity with Danny Almagor

Danny Almagor with Berry Liberman

Danny Almagor with Berry Liberman

What is the role of money and business in creating the world that we want to live in?

That’s the question that Danny Almagor has dedicated his life to, founding Engineers Without Borders and later Small Giants with wife Berry Liberman, the magical storyteller behind Dumbo Feather.

Together they’ve formed a dynamic partnership that uses business to create change, and as a tool for positive social and environmental impact in the world.

Small Giants creates, nurtures and empowers businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to use their work to create a sustainable, socially equitable world - and is behind well-known and loved brands like TOM Organic, STREAT, Dumbo Feather and The School of Life.

In this rich and hopeful conversation, Danny shares his views on how we can all vote for the world that we want to live in by building a new economy - where we vote with our dollar, where we invest in good leadership and where we align our purchasing decisions with our values.

This is a conversation that focuses not on disconnecting from the world around us but connecting with it deeply. We explore the significance of the simple act of volunteering at your local school canteen through to the way we consume the news through to investing your superannuation ethically.

This episode is an invitation to be a part of a better world, and I hope that you feel as energised by it as I did.



“One of the core stories that we’ve gotten wrong is that business is about making a profit. It’s not, it’s about creating value.”



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