Radical Self Acceptance with Dr. Richard Chambers

Image supplied by Richard Chambers

Image supplied by Richard Chambers

As you know, one of my (not so secret) intentions with All Being Well is to tap people on the shoulder who I've long admired and are leaders in the wellness industry to ask them how they integrate their knowledge into a busy life. Translating these magical but mysterious concepts into tools to take with us into the everyday, so people like you - and me - can do the same. Practically. Tangibly. Helpfully.

Today's episode is me doing exactly that.

Dr. Richard Chambers is an internationally recognised mindfulness expert, psychologist, and the co-creator of Smiling Mind. I've personally benefitted from his knowledge, alongside thousands of others, offered through his courses with Monash University, in-person classes, online courses, and TEDx talk, where he helps us to harness the power of mindfulness in everyday life.

Mindfulness basically means being aware and fully engaged in each moment of life. It starts with paying full attention to what we are doing, staying in direct contact with what is actually happening, and not getting caught up in judgment. Research has shown that this reduces stress and anxiety, improves productivity and performance and helps with our overall health.

To deepen your wellness practice I whole-heartedly recommend that you listen to this episode, and try some of the free resources available in the show notes below. 

It doesn’t take a lot of practice. As little as five to ten minutes a day of mindfulness meditation produces significant benefits in a short period of time.

Can you find five to ten minutes a day to enhance your wellbeing?


“At the core of every person, there’s a sense that there’s something not right about us. Maybe it's that we’re unlovable, we’re not good enough, we’re not enough, we’re defective, we’re broken - whether we acknowledge it or not.

But it’s when we can recognise that and notice how we are relating to that part of ourself, we can make sure that we’re relating to it like a loving parent, or be our own best friend so to speak - that’s when things really start to change. When you can see that everybody has this as well, you don’t feel as alone or broken when you’re anxious or suffering, you feel like you’re part of the human race.” 


Three steps Richard recommends you take to deepen your mindfulness practice:

  • Commit to a regular practice through tryping a meditation app or book

  • Sign up to a regular mindfulness group, course or drop in classes

  • Attend a 10 day vipassana meditation or mindfulness retreat


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The Collective:

  • Shout out this week goes to Emmanuella from Find Your Voice, who started her business to support those she encountered who didn't feel like they had freedom vocally or mentally to express themselves or be heard in a way they needed. For Emmanuella, living well "means having the resources to focus on my priorities. There are times when that is work, clients, fitness - and right now it's my husband and new daughter. Resources are beyond finances - it is time, energy, and focus.. our most finite resource is our life and wellbeing for me is knowing that ultimately I am satisfied with how I used the time I have."


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