Living with Purpose with Kate James

Image by Marnie Hawson

Image by Marnie Hawson

I’ll be eternally grateful for this life-affirming conversation with Kate James.

Kate is an internationally renowned coach, mindfulness teacher and bestselling author who works to help clients identify their values and strengths so that they can define their own version of a meaningful life.

Kate is bursting with integrity and honesty, and I feel honoured that she was so generous with her thoughts and energy for this episode.


“There’s this theory that there are three brains: the brain in our head, the brain in our heart and the brain in our gut. Your gut instinct is so important. In my life it’s only the times I’ve ignored it I’ve gotten into a real mess. Your gut has a lot of wisdom there.”

Kate James


This episode fits into our first month’s wellness theme on finding your “why”.

Essentially, your “why” involves the values and beliefs that underpin everything you do. It is completely unique to you, and it’s the reason why you do what you do.

I chose to start the second season of All Being Well with this topic because so many of you shared with me that the biggest roadblock to your wellbeing is lacking life purpose, or feeling pulled with competing life priorities. I know how challenging that feeling can be. I really do.

And this is why finding “your why” is so important to your wellbeing:

  • It helps to create a guiding light for the life you want to live.

  • It helps to identify what is meaningful and important to you.

  • It elevates your life from one of existing to living.

  • It helps you to make decisions.

  • It helps when you’re feeling overwhelmed and challenged, or conflicted.

  • It helps during those times when your head is saying “yes” and your heart is saying “no”.

  • It helps you to defend your choices to others.

Building self-belief and purpose is integral to building a meaningful life.

Kate’s beautiful home on the Mornington Peninsula

Kate’s beautiful home on the Mornington Peninsula

The beautiful studio where we recorded our interview, nestled beside the veggie patch.

The beautiful studio where we recorded our interview, nestled beside the veggie patch.

In this conversation, Kate shares her thoughts on listening to our gut instinct and the practical ways that we can build self-belief and identify our purpose.

I truly hope that you get as much out of this conversation as I did.

Enjoy, and have a beautiful start to 2019.


“I really believe that a purposeful life is about contribution. It’s about making a difference in other people’s lives that feels meaningful to you.”

Kate James

Image supplied by Kate James

Image supplied by Kate James

Image supplied by Kate James

Image supplied by Kate James


Things to Check Out After Today’s Episode:

  • Three of Kate’s cherished practices for tapping into your intuition:

  • Follow Kate via her Website, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Kate is the author of bestselling books Believe in Yourself & Do What You LoveBe Mindful & Simplify Your Life and Change How You Think & Be Happier Now. To date over 120,000 copies have been sold. You can learn more about them here.

  • Listen to Kate’s meditations through Insight Timer app. I particularly recommend her course on ‘Build self-belief through mindful action’

  • Download Kate’s free eBook - Build Self-Belief and Find Your Direction - and Life Satisfaction Quiz when you sign up to her newsletter. You’ll also receive regular updates on her writing, books and blog

  • Kate’s recommended reading includes:

    • Rick Hanson - the habitual patterns and psychology of the brain

    • Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

    • Other that can be found here

  • Identify your strengths using Martin Seligman’s VIA Strength’s Test. There are a number of others found online as well through a simple online search


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Image supplied by Kate James

Image supplied by Kate James

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