Extraordinary Routines with Madeleine Dore

Image by Prue Ajar

Image by Prue Ajar

We love discovering other people’s routines. Finding out how someone chooses to spend their day is not about glorifying flawless productivity or finding the perfect routine, but highlighting how people we admire get through life – the challenges and the imperfections, as well as the incredible achievements.

In this episode we’re focusing on daily routines with the extraordinary Madeleine Dore from Extraordinary Routines. Madeleine is a writer, interviewer and routine explorer who founded the interview project to investigate where creativity and imperfection intersect. It came about as a direct response from her goal of becoming an arts journalist and creating a job that she wanted, and it’s developed a cult-like following.

Since then, Madeleine has launched the event series Side Project Sessions - which I’ve attended and adore - for what she calls a “peer-pressured productivity”. It’s a session where creatives and people of all walks of life can come together, get out of their own way and carve out time to create something extraordinary.

Madeleine has a wealth of knowledge about routines, habit setting, habit tracking and bullet journalling, and has written for ABC Life, Arts Hub, The Design Files, Kill Your Darlings and countless others. She’s also a wonderful person to be in the presence of.

I hope this conversation provides some inspiration for translating your goals into a reality, embracing your imperfections and your humanness, and for moving through fear to create an extraordinary daily routine.


“Fear is actually a teacher. It’s not something we should strive to get rid of - but it’s really wonderful if we can harness it. For example, if we take the fear of missing out - the celebrity of fear in some ways. FOMO is a teacher. If we experience the fear of missing out, ask the question: What is it that you’re missing? Often it’s not exactly what’s on the surface.”

Madeleine Dore

Image by Prue Ajar

Image by Prue Ajar


“I’ve been working on resolutions that work to my existing strengths rather than focusing on my weaknesses. We can try so hard to fix our flaws when actually they can be quite fertile ground for creativity. [So] build on your strengths.”

Madeleine Dore

Image by Marie Luise

Image by Marie Luise

Image by Christine Han

Image by Christine Han


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